Thursday, September 8, 2011

Begum Laila Haroon Sarfaraz

Begum Laila Haroon Sarfaraz has taken over the responsibility as a President in the year 2005. She belongs to a very well known Haroon Family who has served the country since decades. Her parents Sir Abdullah Haroon & Lady Nusrat Haroon were one of the founders of the country who fought hard to turn their dream of a separate home land for the Muslims into a reality. Their role being a Muslim League leaders are always remembered in the history of Pakistan.
Following the foot steps of the parents, Begum Laila Haroon, her sister Late Begum Hidayatullah, her brother Late Mahmud Haroon and other family members have spent their lives in social wok and in serving the country.
Laila Haroon is an inspirational role model, a talented charismatic who continues the efforts of Begum Ra’ana Ali Khan and successfully manages programs in the field of Health, Education and Social Welfare. She has also served the organization as a Vice-President for Finance & Administration. In her private capacity she oversees various institutions with selfless interest and dedication which includes:

Board Member Sindh Rural Support Program
Board Member SIUT>
Board Member Lady Dufferin Hospital
Member Technical Assistance Study Group with the Asian Development Bank
Member Council of Social Welfare

She has attended many conferences that include:> Pune Conference “Culture Of Peace “ Health for Women & Children in Nov 2001 Second International Scientific Culture& Supportive Congress (ICWSF) in Oct 2001, Tehran. Vienna Conference 21 General Assembly UN / NGO Dynamics 21 Century. Together for Social Justice Equality and Peace in Nov 2000, Vienna Austria. Awards:Star Laurel 2003, Women of the Year 2005

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