Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dr S Sohail H Naqvi

Professor Dr S Sohail H Naqvi is the current Executive Director of the Commission, and was appointed to the post in September 2004, having previously served as the Member (Human Resource Development and Strategic Planning) of the Commission since its establishment in 2002. He has an MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, Indiana, USA. Previously, from 1995 to 1999, he was Dean of the Faculty of Electronics, Ghulam Ishaq Khan (GIK) Institute of Technology, Topi, Pakistan. During his tenure at GIK, the Faculty of Electronics became established as a premier electronics engineering department in South Asia. He was also Assistant/Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA, from 1988 to 1995.

Dr. Javaid R. Laghari

Dr. Javaid R. Laghari is Chairperson of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Previously, he was a Senator in the Pakistan Senate from 2006 to 2009. He was elected in March 2006 for a six year term and belongs to the Pakistan Peoples Party chaired by Ms. Benazir Bhutto. Dr Laghari officiated as Acting Chairman Senate in April 2009, and resigned from the Senate in July 2009.

As Senator, Dr. Laghari served on the Senate Standing Committees on Water and Power; Information Technology; and Information and Broadcasting. He was a Member of the PPP Central Committees on Policy Planning (Deputy Coordinator); Manifesto Implementation (Deputy Chairman); Manifesto (Member); and Energy and Power (Chairman), and was the focus person for International Information Dissemination and Networking. Dr. Laghari was key Advisor to Ms. Benazir Bhutto on Education, Energy and Power, Science and Technology, Information Technology, and was the co-author of the PPP Election Manifesto 2008.
Dr. Laghari was also the President of SZABIST (listed among the best Science & Technology and Business Schools of the World by Business Week, Asia Inc, Asia Week and CNN Executive Education) from 1995 to 2009. He specializes in Energy & Power, Higher Education, Information Technology, Space Power Technology and Leadership.

Prior to joining SZABIST, Dr. Laghari was the Director of Graduate Studies and Tenured Full Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, USA. SUNY is the largest public research university in the north eastern United States. During his tenure at SUNY, Dr Laghari published over 120 research papers and presented over 70 papers at International Conferences.

Dr. Laghari has attended the NATO Advanced Study Institute in UK in 1991; and the NATO Advanced Study Institute in Italy in 1983 (only top 100 scientists from NATO countries are invited to attend these Advanced Institutes in Europe). When in the United States, Dr. Laghari has performed sponsored research for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the Naval Research Lab (NRL), the Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA), the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO), the Strategic Defense Initiatives (SDI), Hughes Aircraft and the Boeing Aerospace Company.

Dr. Laghari was the Chairman of the 1992 IEEE International Conference on High Voltage Engineering, USA, and has organized many International Conferences and chaired numerous Sessions and Workshops in the United States. He has also served as the Chairman of the Technical Standards Committee on Radiation Effects, and as the Representative on the United States Activities Board on Man and Radiation. Dr. Laghari is the author of the IEEE Standard 775 - 1993 and has published a Book Chapter and a Monograph in the United States.

Dr. Laghari has also been a Member of the Ministry of Science and Technology Human Resource Development Committee, Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST), and the Sindh Information Technology Board (SITB). He is currently a Senior Member of the ACM (USA), Senior Member of the IEEE (USA), Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, and the Executive Committees of the Federation of the University of Islamic World (FUIW) and the Asia University Federation (AUF).

Dr. Laghari is the recipient of the Distinguished Leadership Award, 1987, the International Cultural Diploma of Honor, 1988, the IEEE Award for Leadership and Dedicated Services, 1994, and the coveted national award 'Tamgha-e-Imtiaz' conferred by the President of Pakistan in 1998.

Dr. Laghari is listed in the American Men and Women of Science, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, Who's Who in the East and Who's Who in the World.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Waseem Jaffry

Mr. Waseem Jaffry was initiated into numerology by a friend, and has successfully foretold about Pakistan's ex-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto will loose power in November 1996 and Nawaz Sharif will take over in 1997 as Prime Minister and will loose power before 16th October 1999. Similarly Mr. Waseem Jaffry had calculated that a woman would shake the American President's government and a lady in India will force the Indian PM to resign but he would continue to be PM. These calculations came true. In America Monica was the lady who shook America and in India Jai Lalita was the lady due to her Atal Behari Wajpai had to resign but continued as PM and is now again PM. Earlier his calculations were that Imran Khan's party will not get even a single seat and Ghanwa Bhutto's party would get only one seat. Many heads of states will loose power or would die.

While talking to gulf news on March 24th 1999 Mr. Waseem Jaffry had foretold regarding Y2K BUG that at the turn of the Millennium your Electricity will still be functioning, your telephone lines will not be jammed, neither will your bank cards and accounts become redundant, which everybody has seen came true.

The year 2010 and 2011 will be a bad years for heads of states, but a good on for relationships. While the heads of states will struggle to retain power, marriage, partnerships or pacts/trades between countries will flourish. Though 2010 and 2011 will continue to be marked by natural disasters, the global recession will take a back seat. Its a year for mere promises but take heart; year 2010 and 2011 are resoundly good year for woman.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dr. Khalid Omer

Dr. Khalid Omer is one of the founder members of HOPE and has assisted it in various technical aspects throughout the years. He has also served as a Treasurer and is currently on the Board of Directors. Dr. Khalid Omer deals with various data based research projects being conducted by HOPE as well as health advocacy campaigns. Dr. Khalid Omer is also the National Coordinator, CIET, Pakistan. He has previously worked as Health Consultant for UNICEF and Greenstar Social Marketing.

Tariq Niazi

Mr. Tariq Niazi has been involved in HOPE (NGO) since its inception. He is one of the three founder members and a Director HOPE, General Secretary and Member of Executive Committee. He is especially involved with HOPE’s social marketing programs, educational programs, Research Studies, Information Technology Services, Data Base Management, and New Projects Development In addition to his close involvement with the HOPE at executive level he enjoys significant work experience in technology marketing, general management, business development, human resource management, and financial controls. Headed large Computers, IT based and Communication companies in the last 10 years in Pakistan, introduced leading products and services, which reached to pinnacle in their respective usage and some of them still are industry leader in their respective area. 
He conducts corporate trainings on regular basis. In addition to professional commitments Mr. Niazi is teaching and imparting training since 1994, in South Eastern University – Karachi Campus and at Greenwich University. His subjects of interest are Principle of Marketing, Advanced Marketing Management, Marketing Research & Analysis, System Analysis & Design, Sales Management, and Advanced Sales Management. He is dedicated to and find teaching and training assignments appealing and believe that It is the responsibility of every educated person to involve himself in imparting knowledge for better development of society. He is an MBA and professionally trained in various business disciplines from Europe, USA, Australia and UAE. Written various articles on Information Technology, and its impact in the third world and on e-government in Pakistan. Almost 10 years Consultancy, Training & Development, Community Service Experience.

Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla

Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla, the visionary behind HOPE, founded the NGO in 1997 with a group of dedicated workers committed to bringing literacy and health to the neglected urban slums of Karachi while working at the grassroots level. Under her direction, HOPE has established two community centres, two hospitals and several informal schools in Karachi and Thatta. Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla is Assistant Professor, Dept. of Community Health Sciences, at the Aga Khan University Hospital besides working as a Consultant Paediatrician in various Karachi Hospitals. She is a well known Researcher and has contributed to numerous Indexed international medical journals. She also writes for various national newspapers including Dawn, Jang etc.

Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafa is a popular actor and model in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Fahad Mustafa was born in Karachi. His birthday or date of birth is on 26th June and his height is 5’10. His real name is Fahad Salahuddin Tunio. His family background is very educated. His father Salahuddin Tunio, is a PhD. Scholar in chemistry.

No doubt he belongs to the showbiz family but even then he has achieved his goal of success by making a prominent position in showbiz on the basis of his talent.

After being grilled by veteran producer Iqbal Ansari as a debutant, surviving the hostile attitude of his seniors and his first role with zero lines; in a span of just six years Fahad Mustafa has bagged key roles in two dozen serials, shone in title roles and now at young age, runs his own production company.

He was not such ‘studios’ person and didn’t have such interests to be a doctor or an engineer etc. It doesn’t mean that getting higher education have no such importance in his point of view but it’s a matter of luck that from which source you’ll get fame and good earning.

When Mr. Iqbal Ansari called him for an audition, he just tried his luck and luckily he passed that audition. His father was not at all happy with his decision to join showbiz industry as a profession; but when he showed his guts, his father and other people of his family admired him a lot.

At 25, Fahad became a producer and he talks like a seasoned actor in his 50s, “Maturity has nothing to do with age. In the last five years I have learnt a lot, met all sorts of people and now I seem to understand people a whole lot better”.

Fahad is producing two dramas serials currently, His production team has young people with big dreams. He use his own ideas and stories, His wife writes the plays. Fahad wanted to do something for the Hum Tele Film Festival but He don’t agree with the concept of tele films.

Here is a beautiful collection of some impressive and hot pics of Fahad Mustafa with family and friend .

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fiza Ali

Fashion model Fiza Ali is a heighted & smart figured young lady with the cute looks. One of the reasons of the smartness of Fashion model Fiza Ali is her habit of drinking lots of water; she also likes milk and vegetables as well. Fashion model Fiza Ali started her career from Karachi, but then she moved to Lahore to establish her Fashion career more enormously. Fashion model Fiza Ali is not only a perfect figure to walk on ramp, but she has also proved herself in various T.V dramas. Fashion model Fiza Ali tremendously showed her acting skills too, besides her modeling guts; she was also nominated as the best T.V actress in PTV awards. Now she is spending a happily married life with her husband, Fawad Farooque; the most considerable person of her life.

Suneeta Marshall

Suneeta Marshall is Pakistani model and actress. She was born in Lahore (Pakistan) on1982 in a Christian. She have done her graduation from St Patrick’s College Karachi. She started her acting career with a telefim named “Tere bina”. Her aunt introduced her to world of modeling, who runs a famous beauty salon in Lahore. She made her first appearance in a Garnier Fructis commercial. After doing a few more commercials for hair products such as Pantene, Head and Shoulders and Kuene, Suneeta disappeared from the world of television commercials.

Marshall made a come back as the Gul Ahmed new girl. Suneeta Marshall was on every Gul Ahmed billboard and in every Gul Ahmed spread in all the magazines. This was enough for people to notice this new up and coming model who was before only known as the Fructis girl. After her contract ended with Gul Ahmed, Suneeta decided to work with big fashion designers such as Deepak Perwani, HSY, Bunto Kazmi and Nilofer Shahid.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Arjumand Rahim

Arjumand Rahim is one of the most popular and well known young actress, artist and producer in the world of media in Pakistan. She is a popular personality in pakistani youth. Arjumand Rahim was born in Pakistan. Her date of birth or birthday is unknow.

Arjumand was starting her early education in pakistan.She passed BA, Psychology, English Literature from Karachi University .

Arjumand Rahim is hard work and dedication are what define the multi talented actress, turned and producer. During the past two years, Arjumand had performed in few TV plays.

Arjumand is a talented TV and stage artist, with equal dedication to on and off screen work. She is a film maker as well as actor, with a passion for creating imaginative and original works that viewers and critics alike can enjoy.

Iman Ali

Iman Ali is one of the top Pakistani models. Iman was born in Lahore Punjab (Pakistan). She is daughter of television/film actor Abid Ali and Humaira Ali (first wife of Abid Ali). She has two younger sisters Maryam and Raimah Ali. Her parents divorced when she was young and Ali has confessed to having a ‘distant’ relationship with her father.
Modeling Carrier:
No doubt! That Iman Ali is considered in top Pakistani models. Aman has worked for most of the Pakistani designers. Not only this, she also modeled for Indian designers . She is considered perfect model due to her personality and perfect height.
Acting Carrier:
In 2007, Iman was signed in Shoaib Mansoor’s film Khuda Kay Liye, her acting was met with critical acclaim and earned her the Lux Style Award for ‘Best Actress’ in 2008. However, she, like her father has before acted in drama serials. She will appear next in Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol opposite Atif Aslam, Mahira Khan, Humamima Abbasi and others.
Personal life:
In 2009, Ali confirmed in an interview on the Nadia Khan Show that she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Same year she was widely reported to have been to India to find an alternative therapy, citing allopathic treatment ‘too expensive’. Some media outlets covered the trip to India as a career move, but she strongly denied any such plans. She is single, and resides in Lahore. She has mentioned in an interview with Shaista Wahidi on popular morning show Good Morning Pakistan, “I don’t want a Ferrari owner, I just want a guy who can live and is capable of looking after her that’s it. Riches don’t do it for me. Money doesn’t impress me’.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas is one of the leading top male model and tv actor of Pakistan. Imran Abbas birthday or date of birth is on 15th october and his height is 6 feet. He is living with his family in Lahore, Pakistan. His personal magnetism and alarming allure are two simple reasons to sell the merchandise he models for, and his amazing potential as an actor and his refined dialogue delivery are certainly what’s the talk of town these days. It would be definitely worth listening as to what actually pulled an NCA student with a sound degree in Architecture on to the glitzy sets. Imran is much loved by the public because of his dashing looks and brilliant acting skills.

Model and Actor Imran Abbas first shoot of Khawar riaz took him to fame and popularity within a short span of period. His success as a model was followed by a brilliant acting career and today, he is widely seen on many soaps and Dramas on many TV channels. In such a short period of time. He worked in different types of projects. His first serial by Sultana Siddiqui was for masses, second serial written by Haseena Moin was for an educated intelligentsia, ‘Umrao Jaan’ is an epic, then his telefilm was for a younger audience and his forthcoming projects are all different and substantial. Imran think that he diligently improving his shortcomings and furbishing his acting skills which is even obvious to the viewers too.

Imran Abbas says,”“I have always tried to strike a balance between acting and modelling. When I was nominated for an LSA I was not an ideal contender because I had not done anything big in that particular year. Besides, I don’t really care about such things. For me, awards and recognition are superficial things and the LSA is more of an event or ad campaign, giving everyone a chance to get dressed up and chill out. I don’t need to comment on the credibility of these awards because everyone already knows about it.”

“I won’t be here for long since I believe in constant exploration of one’s inner self. For me, inner peace and self-fulfillment is my first priority, something which showbiz cannot provide me with. I plan to say farewell to showbiz in the next couple of years and pursue a career in architecture. These days I am planning to go abroad for a degree in architecture and leave Karachi and move to Islamabad. My temperament has some direct conflicts with this ultra fast city, where people literally work like restless juggernauts,” says Imran Abbas.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Munawar Baseer Ahmad

Munawar Baseer Ahmad is a recognized high profile Energy, Management and Technology expert. He has held the position of Managing Director Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) from September 2007 to May 2008, and Chief Executive & Managing Director, SSGC from October 2002 to September 2007 and Chairman and CEO, State Petroleum Refining & Petrochemical Corporation (Pvt.) Limited (PERAC) from July 2005 to June 2008

Before joining PEPCO, he was Managing Director Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd from October 2002 to September 2007, a public gas utility with revenues of US$ 1.5 billion and over 6000 employees. At SSGC he effectively spearheaded a corporate transformation, Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and change management process based on technology empowered change with focus on corporate governance and industry best practices.

Before joining SSGC he successfully undertook Pakistan Power Sector restructuring under a World Bank programme as CEO of PEPCO from 2000-2002.

Mr. Munawar Baseer Ahmad has 35 years of diversified experience and has held senior management and engineering positions with leading multinationals in the USA, Middle East and Pakistan in the oil, gas, technology and engineering industries such as Fluor Engineers, Shell Engineering, General Signal, Westinghouse Electric, SIP Parsons etc.

He has held positions as CEO / Managing Director / Country Manager from 1984 onwards. As an entrepreneur from 1987 to 2000 he set-up PMEI and EMBA Corp in the USA and CGS (Pvt.) Ltd, EMBA Corporation and PME (Pvt.) Ltd in Pakistan. All the companies achieved notable success and were recognized as market leaders in the Engineering Services and Technology Sectors.

A registered Professional Engineer (PE) in USA (Texas) and Pakistan, he is a member of PIP, MAP, CSP, IEEE and IEEEP. He holds a B.Sc. Engg. degree from UET, Lahore and M.Sc. Engg. and MBA from University of Houston, Texas, USA. He was elected to several engineering and business honor societies in the USA and was appointed as a Member Senate of University of Balochistan in 2007. He is the recipient of the Management Excellence Award 2004-2005 by the 21st Century Business and Economics club.

He is a leading proponent for setting-up an Energy and Trade Corridor in Asia and for implementing technology empowered change and best business practices in the corporate sector. He has received numerous awards and honors at the local and global level. He is a sought after Speaker at National and International conferences and has presented more than 30 papers in the last 10 years on the Power, Gas and Energy Sector, Change Management and Technology Implementation.

Aziz Ahmed Bilour

Aziz Ahmed Bilour has an attractive personality. The way he talks the way he expresses his view always impresses everybody.

Aziz Ahmed bilour, youngest in all brothers born on 23rd August, 1952. He got his early education from the local school. From the beginning he was a bright student therefore it was his parents dream to join civil services of Pakistan. He made the dreams of his parents true in 1978 and joined civil services. He had also thirst of education as well. He got the LL.B, M.A (Political Science), MSc (Defence & Strtigic Studies) from different universities. His service Group is Income Tax (Inland Revenue). He served for 33 years mostly on executive level postings as Commissioner Income Tax, Diretor General Income Tax, Sales Tax and Gederal Excise and Member Federal Board of Revenue Islamabad.

Presently he is working as Executive Director (BS-21) National Vocational and Technical Education Commission (NAVTEC) Prime Minister Secretariat Islamabad.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ilyas Ahmed Bailour

Mr.Ilyas Ahmed Bailour was born in a business family of peshawar on 9th january 1940.
After receving early education at Peshawar,he graduate from krachi universtiy and later did MBA from krachi.He is self employed and is Cheif Executive of Bailour Group of Industries.

In view of long association spreas over a period of 35 Years with trade,commerce and industry.Ilyas Ahmed bilour has gaindin-depth study of the problems faces by thse by these sectors and also the prospects of overcoming their problems.industrializationprogrammes both on national and regionallevels are of special interest to him.Our family belongs to a political party of pakistan, Which was founded by a great freedom fighter belongs to a political party of pakistan, Which was founded by a great freedom fighter khan Abdul Ghafar Khan who is popularly known as Sarhadi Gahandi in India.My elder brother was elected MNA for three times and remained Federal Minister and my younger brother is MPA five times and served as ProvisionalMinister thrice.My younger brother Mr.Aziz Ahmed Bilour is a Bureaucrat in Income tax Group and served as Member FBR,Islamabad.

The positions held by me in Chambers and associations as well as others bodies as given below.

Chairman standing Committee on Commerce,Senate of Pakistan.
Elected as Technocart member of the senate of pakistan in 2006 for the third time.
Elected as Technocart member of the senate of pakistan in 2003 for the second time.
Elected as Technocart member of the senate of pakistan in March 1994 on a Six year term and former member of the Senate's standing Committies Commerce,Finance and economic planning as well as Water and power.Founder Chairman Afghan-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 2007.life member of SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry as well as its Executive Committee.Founder Ex-President indo-pakistan chamber of commerce and Industry ,karachi from 12.03.1996to12.09.1998.President of the Shared Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rawalpindi in 1969-70.Chairman,ECO Chamber of Commerce & Industry.Vice President,Islamic chamber of Commerce & Industry. Member of Board of Governors, The kidney center.Member of Governing Body of the Cardio Vascular Institure Of Karachi.Chairman of pak ASEAN business Council Member of Board of Governors,Lahore university of Managment Service (LUMS).

Member of Board of Governors,institute of Business Administration.


Nominated By pakistan Governmentto participate in the study meeting on Regional industrialization and Devlopment In TOKO,Japan from 17th to 23rd October 1990.
Represrnted Pakistan in the first trade delegation to Leipzig(East Germany) In 1970.The delegation was led by the president of FPCCI.Led delegations of Pakistan Businessman to Turkey,Syria,Jorden,singapore and so many other countries during the president ship of FPCCE.

Led UNIDO Delegation to Vienna and London regarding the inter mark 1998.
Accompanied the Delegation of:

1:EX-prime minister of Pakistan MS.Benazir Bhutto To Sweden.
2:Ex-president of Pakistan Mr.Farooq Ahmed Leghari to central Asian States.
3:Ex-prime Minister Of pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to Malaysia, China, Hong kong.
4:Ex-prime Minister of pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to Bangladesh Ms.Hasina Wajid and prime Minister of India Mr.Inder kumar Gujral Were also present.
5:Chairman Senate of pakistan Mr.Waseem Sajjad To Kenya , Australia and South africa and Romania.
6:Chairman Senate of Pakistan Mr.Muhammad Mian Soomro To new yark, USA to
attend summit of International parliamentarian Union during the session of General Assembly Of United Nation Organization in 2004.

Bashir Ahmad bilour

Bashir Ahmad bilour born in 1944. He got his early education from Governament Higher Secondary school No. 1 Peshawar Cantt. After doing Matriculation he got admission in famous Edwards college Peshawar and got graduation degree from the said college. Then for higher education he got admission in university of Peshawar and got LLB degree.

Bashir Ahmad Bilour is unique personality in the sence that he never lost any election throughout his career. He got succeeded in the following General Elections:
• 1990 General Election
• 1993 General Election
• 1997 General Election
• 2002 General Election
• 2007 General Election
In 1990 when he got succeeded in General Election he was appointed as Miniter for CNW. In 1993 again the same Ministry was given to you but in 1997 he took oath as a Minister for Irrigation. Currently he is Senior Provincial Mininster.

Ghulam Ahmad Bilour

Known as Haji Sahib in Peshawar, Ghulam Ahmad Bilour hails from Bajaur Agency in the Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). His forefathers migrated to Peshawar long ago and his father was a successful businessman of the city, as well as an admirer of Bacha Khan. Born on 25th December 1939, Bilour got his early education from the Khudad Model School and Islamia School Peshawar. He did his intermediate from Edwards College and got married soon afterwards. He Graduated from Jamshore University.

His tendency towards politics from the very early age reveals that he is a democratic person. he participated in election campaign of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah when she was contesting for the seat of President as a candidate of the Combined Opposition Party against Ayub Khan in 1965. He, however, joined active politics from the platform of the National Awami Party (NAP) in the 1970s and ever since has remained with the nationalist party.

Only Ajmal Khattak and Afzal Khan Lala both no more in active politics have been associated with the (NAP) for longer period than Ghulam Ahmad Bilour. Haji Sahib is widely respected for not compromising on principles and remaining loyal to the party. He considers securing the rights of the people of the province as his greatest achievement; and losing his only son, Shabbir Ahmed Bilour during the 1997 elections as his greatest loss. Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour is the real personality of principles and never compromise on the set forth principles of the party which are the actual guarantor of protection of rights of the people in general and the people of NWFP in particular.

Ghulam Ahmad Bilour was elected Senator in 1975 for six years. Ghulam Ahmad Bilour was first elected to the National Assembly in the 1988 by-elections. In the 1990 elections, he again contested for the National Assembly and succeeded against the late Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and assigned him as Federal Minister for Railways. Bilour recollects that the people of his constituency did not let him down in that crucial contest, which was perhaps the toughest of his long political career. In the 1993 elections, he lost to Zafar Ali Shah but regained the National Assembly seat in the 1997 elections. Bilour did not contest the 2002 elections. He was again elected to the National Assembly in the recent general elections, and assigned him Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and currently the Federal Minister for Railways.

Haji Sahib always opposed Martial Law in the country. He never did negotiation with undemocratic powers. This was the reason that he and his party boycotted 1985 General Elections.

He is very devoted to ANP and to the people of his Province. He was invited by many political parties as well as Martial Law Administrators to join their alien but he rejected all the proposals with hard attitude saying that:-

“I am not here rule or to get Executive Seat of the party. I am here to serve people and I am Pukhtoon will never leave this door until death”.


In 1973, just after three years of joining NAP Haji Sahib was arrested and spent almost three months behind the Cell and again arrested this time he spent three monthsbehind the cell. In1974 he was arrested again. This time he spent almost 4 months in jail.

In 1975 the PPP Govt arrested all the four brothers including Haji Sahib. A famous shopping centre of Bilour Family has been destroyed. The Bilour House was evacuated and Bilour Family has been forced to be unsheltered. After five months he was released. In 1976 Haji Bilour was arrested in Hyderabad conspiracy case and sent to the Hyderabad Sindh Jail and spent two years in Jail alongwith Khan Abdul Wali Khan, Ghous Bux Bazenjo, Attaulah Mengal, Afzal Khan Lala, Arbab Sikandar Khan Khalil and other senior leaders of National Awami Party.

In 1982 he spent three months in Haripur Jail. In 1983 same injustice was repeated and he and his brother Bashir Bilour arrested time and spent one year behind the bare.


Haji Sahib has a strong knowledge of Kalabagh Project. His view is very clear about Kalabagh. He has complain from pathan youth. He always uses to say that pattan youth does not know about Kalabagh. They should get all the knowledge regarding to this project and should come forward to protest against it. Whenever you pay a visit to his office you will come to know that how tremendously he explains the whole project. In 1991 when he was appointed Federal Minister for Railways. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called a meeting on Kalabagh. Haji Sahib said in meeting:-

“Peshawar valley is surrounded by Hills from three sides. There is only one way out for water if you build a dam over that region then the water level will raise 24 feet above than the plan area of NWFP. As a result this province will become a lake where people will come to catch fished”.

Once in London Shah Mehmood Qasori fall in a debate with Haji Sahib on Kalabgh when Haji Sahib cleared technical points to him, he was lets assign four engineers two from our side and two from your side, whatever they decided that will be acceptable to all. Haji Sahib replied “You assign engineers I will debate from my side because I know each and every thing about Kalabagh.


Haji Ghulam Ahmed Bilour is a unique personality. He is MNA and a Federal Minister but he never shows rude or proud attitude to anyone. There are many aspects of his personality. He is very kind hearted, friendly, source of knowledge very patient wherever you pay a visit to his office you will find that he stands with every individual enters to his office embraces him, listens to every individual very ;patiently and help him out. His simplicity and dressing reveals that he is a religious man. He never misses prayer.

It’s true that Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto gave an incredible sacrifice for democracy by Haji Sahib Sacrifice is not less by any mean, he lost his only son Shabbir Ahmad Bilour, in politics. Even know when he listens the word SHABBIR he stops talking and goes back in those memories where his son was with him


These were the efforts of NAP that NWFP has been renamed by KHYBER
PUKHTOONKKHWA. It made possible due to struggles of Bacha Khan and politcle
vision of Asfandiyar Wali

NWFP is a unique place in the world which has no specific name, “North West Frontier Province” is not a name it’s a location. There is very clear and common rule in the world of declaring name to a territory “the name must indicate the people who are in majority in that territory”.

NAP is the only party which came forward and rose the issue to rename NWFP by Pukhtoonkhwa. Tald shows and stuggles of haji sab reveaqls his stand on this issue. In a tald show these were his words:

“There were five brothers living in Pakistan Panjabi, Balochi, Sindhi, Pattan and Bangali. Bangalies removed their name from the map of Pakistan and we let them to do so. We want to write our name on the map of Pakistan and you are not permitting us”.

These were the efforts of NAP that Prisident Asif Ali Zardari called NWFP as PUKHTOONKHWA.
Haji sab visted Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Chaudhary Pervez Elahi and many other leaders to resolve this issue. Unfortunately many Pattan leaders don’t want to rename NWFP by PUKHTOONKHWA.

Hafiz Salman Butt

Hafiz Salman Butt was born on January 17, 1956 in Lahore, Punjab. He was elected for his third term as MNA as an Independent candidate and later joined MMAP. He is politically affiliated with JIP.

businessman by profession, he completed a B.Sc. degree in 1982 from University of the Punjab and was previously elected to the National Assembly during the terms of 1985-1988 and 1990-1993. Active in student politics, he was elected as the Vice President Punjab University Student’s Union. Hafiz Salman Butt has also espoused labour causes and has served as President Prem Union and Vice President of National Labour Federation.

Married with two sons and two daughters, Hafiz Salman Butt has been a member of the Pakistan Football Federation since 1983; the Pakistan Swimming Federation since 1986, and the Lahore District Hockey Association since 1990.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Syed Qaim Ali Shah

Syed Qaim Ali Shah is the current Chief Minister of Sindh. He is a prominent Sindhi politician of Pakistan affiliated with Pakistan Peoples Party and the current Chief Minister of Sindh. He was a close confidante of party founder Zulfiqar ali Bhutto and of Chairperson PPP, late Benazir Bhutto. He is a member of the Sindh Provincial assembly.

Currently he is the President of the Pakistan Peoples Party of Sindh, a province which forms the core strength of the PPP and is besides the home province of Benazir Bhutto. Qaim ali Shah served first term as Chief Minister of Sindh from 2 December 1988 to 25 February 1990.

He contests elections from the Khairpur constituency from where he has won six times. He lost only once in 1997, to Syed Ghaus ali Shah. He was subsequently elected to the Senate of Pakistan.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dr Asad Ashraf

Dr Asad Ashraf, member Punjab Assembly son of Mr Hasan Ashraf was born on June 21, 1963 in Lahore. He obtained the degree of MBBS in 1986 from Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore and completed his Post-Graduate Diploma in Cardiology in 1994 from NICVD, University of Karachi; and served as consultant cardiologist, Services Hospital Lahore. He has participated in various conferences during 1993 and 1994. He functioned as unelected Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab during 1997-99. A physician and a cardiologist, who remained a Member of Punjab Assembly during 2002-07 (functioned as Deputy Parliamentary Leader) and has returned to Punjab Assembly for the second consecutive term in general elections 2008. He has visited UAE, UK, Qatar and Tanzania.

Ch Abdul Ghafoor Khan

Ch Abdul Ghafoor Khan, Food Minister Government of Punjab, son of Ch Surjan Khan was born on September 10, 1960 in Lahore. He graduated in 1994 from University of the Punjab, Lahore. An agriculturist, who served as Member, District Council Lahore. He remained Member, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab during 1997-99 and 2002-07 and has returned to Punjab Assembly for the third consecutive term in general elections 2008. He has functioned as Minister for Prisons from 27 June 2008 to 29 June 2010 and now is functioning as Minister for Food Punjab.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan

Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Speaker Punjab Assembly, son of Rana Phool Muhammad Khan (former MPA and Minister) was born on April 20, 1945 at Gumthala Garhu, Tehsil Pehowa, District Karnal, . He obtained his early education from D.B. High School, Bhai Pheroo (now Phool Nagar). He graduated from Islamia College, Civil Lines, Lahore in 1968 and obtained the degree of LL.B. from University of the Punjab, Lahore in 1971. He is an advocate and agriculturist. He served as Secretary, Tehsil Bar Associate, Bar Association, Chunian during 1975-76. He started his political career from Markaz Council and served as Chairman Markaz Council and Union Council, Phool Nagar during 1979-83, remained Vice Chairman, Zila Council, Kasur during 1983-87; functioned as Chairman Zila Council Kasur for two consecutive terms during 1987-93. He was first elected unopposed, to the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in the bye-election in 1993, but before he could make oath as a Member, the Assembly was dissolved in June 1993. He was elected to the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab and served as Member during 1993-96.
He returned again to the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab for the third consecutive term in 1997 and served as Provincial Minister and held the portfolios of Livestock & Dairy Development, Forest, Wildlife, Fisheries and Tourism during 1997-99. He has returned to the Punjab Assembly for the fourth term and is functioning as Speaker since April 11, 2008, having been elected unopposed as such. He has visited United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, India and France. He belongs to a noble family of politicians. His father was elected as Member for six consecutive terms, to Provincial Assembly of West Pakistan during 1965-69, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab during 1972-77, 1977, 1985-88, 1988-90 and 1990-93, and also served as Provincial Minister during 1988-90 and 1990-93. His cousin, Rana Muhammad Hayat Khan remained MNA and Parliamentary Secretary during 1990-2007. His another cousin Rana Muhammad Ishaq Khan is a sitting MNA.

Raheela Hameed Khan Durrani

Ms. Raheela Hameed Khan Durrani, Minister of Prosecution Balochistan is daughter of Mr Hameed Khan Durrani was born in Quetta. She has done her M.A, L.L.B from University of Balochistan and also completed Certificate in Leadership, Environment and Sustainable Development. She is a practicing Lawyer and social worker by profession. She is currently an active member of Public Safety Commission Balochistan, National Commission on Status of Women (NCSW), and Balochistan Olympic Association. She is affiliated with PML(Q). She is General Secretary (Women Wing) PML (Q) Balochistan. In 2002 elections she was elected as a Member of Balochistan Provincial Assembly from W-54 reserved seat. She attended many Forums, Workshops, Seminars and Courses in Pakistan, Bangkok, Egypt, England, Sri Lanka, Nepal and China during the years of 1994,1995,2000,2005.

Dr. Ruqia Saeed Ahmed Hashmi

Dr. Ruqia Saeed Ahmed Hashmi, Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination Balochistan is wife of Saeed Ahmed Hashmi was born at district Quetta. She has completed Graduation from DAW Medical College in 1976. She got selected on women reserved seat for MPA from W-53 in 2002. She is affiliated with PML (Q). She delivered her services as Chairperson for Standing Committee on Education, Health, and other department. She has been on the Board of Directors of Lady Dufferin Hospital Quetta, SCSPEB, Pakistan Medical Association, Taraquee, CHQ, NATPOW and TVO.

Shama Parveen Magsi

Mrs. Shama Parveen Magsi, Minister of Information Technology & Provincial Coordination on NGOs Program (National / International) & Universities, Law & Parliamentary Affairs Balochistan, is wife of Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi was born in the Quetta District. She is a graduate and is affiliated with PML (Q) was elected from W-52 in the previous tenure. Previously she was a Senator. She has been the Chairperson of the National Crafts Council (NCC), President of Behbud Association Quetta, Convener of Global Commission on Women Health, Member of the Board of Governors for “Women Studies” University of Balochistan, President of the Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee and Women Cricket Association of Balochistan. She has visited Moscow, Beijing, Colobia, New York, Katmandu, and Bangkok.

Nawab Zulfikar Ali Magsi

Nawab Zulfikar Ali Magsi (born February 14, 1954 in Jhal Magsi, Baluchistan) is the current Nawab of Magsi Tribe. He is also the current Governor of Balochistan, who has previously served as the Chief Minister of Baluchistan province in the Benazir Bhutto government of 1993–1996.

Nawab Magsi did his schooling from Aitchison College, Lahore. He first came to politics in 1977, when he won as an independent candidate seat from his native constituency in provincial assembly. However, his family was involved in Baluchistan politics before Pakistani independence. He served in many provincial ministries and also worked in the Home Ministry in the 1990s. In 1993, his coalition won majority of seats and he became Chief Minister of Baluchistan.

In February 2008 elections, he again stood as an independent candidate from his native PB-32 Jhal Magsi constituency and won without any opposition. On February 27, 2008, the caretaker Chief Minister Sardar Mohammad Saleh Bhootani announced officially that Nawab Magsi would be the next Governor of Baluchistan province. On February 28, 2008 Nawab Magsi took oath in the Governor House at Quetta. In the ceremony, he promised to resolve the on-going military operation in Baluchistan, missing political workers and bring peace in province.

On Wednesday, March 19, 2008, Nawab Magsi asked Baluchistan Government issue a outstanding bill against federal government and the Sindh Government of 128bn rupees. He is married to his aunt Shama Parveen Magsi.

Owais Ahmed Ghani

Owais Ahmed Ghani is the current governor of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, who previously governed southwestern province of Balochistan for four and a half years.
He became active in politics in 1996 being one of the founding members of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf led by cricketing hero Imran Khan. Following the partys rout in the 1997 general elections he subsequently left the party in protest against the joining of several controversial figures into the party. In 1999, he joined the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa provincial cabinet serving as provincial minister for Industry from 1999-2002, He was in 2002 appointed as Federal Minister for environment following the resignation of Omer Asghar Khan. Following the 2002 general elections he was appointed Governor of Balochistan. His period as Balochistan governor was controversial, especially following the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti and Baloch protests against Federal rule. Ghani admitted there were problems with the law and order situation and drugs in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, due to instability in neighbouring Afghanistan.
He became governor of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in January 2008 after the former governor, Ali Muhammad Jan Orakzai, stepped down. Ghani gained a reputation for being tough with militants during his tenure as governor of Balochistan,
He is the third man (the first being Rahimuddin Khan and the second being Miangul Aurangzeb) in the history of Pakistan to have held the governorship of two provinces. (Wikipedia)

Salman Taseer

Mr. Salman Taseer is a Chartered Accountant. Early in his career he successfully set up two chartered accountancy and management consultancy firms KPMG , UAE and Taseer Hadi Khalid & Company Chartered Accountants, Pakistan. In 1994, he established First Capital Securities Corporation Limited (FCSC), a full service brokerage house and has been actively involved in establishing other companies in the financial services sector as well as the telecommunications, media, insurance and real estate / property development sectors in Pakistan. 
He has now established a strong foothold in the property /real estate development business as well Pace is a multi faceted real estate group building the Hyatt Regency Hotels in Lahore & now Karachi. He has also been an author of a number of articles on investment and Financial subjects. He has participated and spoken at numerous telecommunication and financial conferences within and outside Pakistan. He is the driving force behind the First Capital & World Call group. 
The current market capitalization is around US $ 1 billion. He was Federal Minister for industry and production in the interim government in 2007 to 2008. He was member of the Punjab Assembly and Leader of opposition. He owns several media print and electronic networks which include Wikkid Plus, Business Plus and National dailies, The Daily Times & Aaj Kal. As Governor of the Punjab he is committed to bring socio-economic revolution in the province.

Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan

Governor Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan (born March 2, 1963) studied in the prestigious Dow Medical College, Karachi. As a student he had a penchant for politics and emerged as a prominent leader of a popular student organization, APMSO, a student wing of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). The MQM is the third largest political party of Pakistan and the second largest in Sindh, having representation in the Federal Parliament of Pakistan, the Sindh Provincial Assembly and the Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly. The party enjoys a large following in all units of the federation because of its welfare-oriented egalitarian political manifesto impacted by Mr. Altaf Hussain, the populist leader of the toiling masses.
After graduation, he remained the head of the Medical Aid Committee – poor patients’ welfare entity of the party. Gradually, he became a front rank political figure of the MQM. On his return from almost ten years of political exile in London, he was appointed to the position of the Governor of the province of Sindh. Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan assumed the charge of his office on December 27, 2002 as the youngest Governor of Sindh. He is the longest serving Governor of any province of Pakistan since its inception in 1947. Earlier in 1990, he was the youngest Minister in the Provincial cabinet of Sindh, holding the portfolios of Housing and Town Planning. Subsequently, he was also assigned the additional charge of Environment and Public Health Engineering Departments.

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Choudhry Ahmed Mukhtar

Ch. Ahmed Mukhtar, the Federal Minister for Defence, was nominated as Chairman of the Pakistan International Airlines Corporation in May, 2008. He holds a Masters Degree in Operational Management from California, USA and also a Diploma in Plastic Technology from West Germany. He is presently the Member of National Assembly of Pakistan. He is an experienced businessman and had been Member of Board of Directors of Service Industries Limited. He has also served the nation as Federal Minister for Commerce in early 90s. Ch. Mukhtar is a perfect blend of a businessman and a politician.

Salman Siddique

Mr Salman Siddique is a nominated Director in Pakistan International Airlines Corporation since March, 2009. He holds Masters Degrees in English from Punjab University, Social Sciences and Planning from London School of Economics & Political Science from University of London. He is presently Federal Secretary Finance. He held various senior positions during his service with the Government of Pakistan and Government of Punjab, which include Federal Secretary Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas, Joint Secretary Cabinet Division, Chief Secretary Punjab, Provincial Census Commissioner Punjab, Commissioner Lahore Division, Secretary S&GA Department. Mr Siddique played a vital role in acquiring World Bank and International Monetary Fund assistance for development of education and health in Punjab. Mr Siddique is also Chairman of Board’s Finance Committee.

Fazal Karim Dadabhoy

Mr. Fazal Karim Dadabhoy is one of the pioneer industrialists of our country and belongs to a noble business family of Pakistan. Fazal Karim Dadabhoy was born in Karachi on November 10, 1977. He has vast experience and qualifications in the field of Management, Economics and Business Administration. He got his BBA degree from South Eastern University (Greenwich Institute, Washington DC).

The history of Dadabhoy Group begins in 1895. Mr. Ali Muhammad A. Latif, great grand father of Fazal Karim Dadabhoy, established a trading house later turned it into a department store, in the beautiful country of South Africa. Mr. Ali Muhammad A. Latif, departed at the young age of 35 years. Later Mr. A. Ghani Dadabhoy, grand father of Mr. Fazal Karim Dadabhoy, posthumous son of Mr. Ali Muhammad A. Latif established initially a trading house and later a soap factory, at Portbandar on the western coast of pre-partitioned India. At the time of partition, the family migrated to Pakistan and at the call of Quaid-e-Azam, it came forward to play its role in the new infant country. Immediately after settling in Karachi, he (Mr. A. Ghani Dadabhoy) set up a trading house encompassing a wide range of businesses.

His father Muhammad Hussain Dadabhoy, the Chairman, M H Dadabhoy Group of Companies, worked hard with his father. Mr. Mohammad Hussain Dadabhoy, a civil engineer by education, has established many industries with his other family members, under the name of Dadabhoy Group. The Dadabhoy group that enhanced itself in diversified different industrial sectors of Pakistan decided through its Board of Directors to distribute specific areas of activities to different family members. This decision culminated into the forming of versatile and all encompassing M. H. Dadabhoy group since 1990s. Mr. Mohammad Hussain Dadabhoy is the chairman of M. H. Dadabhoy Group.

Presently he (Mr. Fazal Karim Dadabhoy) is holding the office of Deputy Managing Director of M.H. Dadabhoy Group of Companies and doing the job independently for the last 10 years. During this tenure he successfully negotiated with a cross section of interests and has been leading the company in a very praise-worthy manner and to the entire satisfaction of the stakeholders.

Besides this, he has been appointed by Govt. of Sindh as Justice of Peace. He is also serving as Honorary Consul General Republic of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) & also holds membership of many national / international forums like Chief Executive Pakistan Poland Business Forum, Chairman Nooriabad Association of Trade & Industry (NATI), Member of Defence Housing Authority Sunset Club, Defence Housing Authority Creek Club, Defence Housing Authority Marina Club, Defence Housing Authority Golf Club, Management Association of Pakistan, KDA Golf Club, PAF Yatch Club, Karachi Gymkhana, Karachi Chamber of Commerce Industry, Employers Federation of Pakistan, Corporate Member WWF, Member ABAD, Life Member of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industries.

He has traveled widely across the world in connection with his business and sightseeing. Due to his sheer hard work he is highly respected in the business communities.

Dr. Zahida Baqai

Dr. Zahida Baqai’s father migrated to Calcutta from Rudawli, Barabanki in the United Provinces, India, in the wake of the 1857 freedom-movement against British Raj. They again migrated to Dhaka after independence in 1947. Her father, Salimullah Fahmi was a BCS (Bengal Civil Service) Officer and held important posts in the former East Pakistan as well as in the federal Government set up. Salimullah Fahmi was a man of many interests: Administrator, Social worker, Intellect, Tranquil, proficient in Urdu, Bengali and English, broadcaster and a poet of standing. Fahmi Health Education Centre bears his name.

Mrs. Zahida Baqai secured her MBBS degree from Dhaka Medical College and completed her house job in Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Centre, Karachi. She then pro­ceeded to England and obtained her MRCOG. After return from U.K. she got married to Dr. F.U. Baqai. For sometime she also served in the Pakistan Navy as gynaecologist (CMP). Later in recognition of her meritori­ous accomplishments in the med­ical field, she earned the prestigious honour of being elected FRCOG.

She is the pioneer in the field of IVF in Pakistan & she established Baqai Institute of Reproductive & Developmental Sciences. Dr. Zahida Baqai, besides developing her own talent and skill, inherited quite a few qualities of her father, which helped her in managing the affairs of the various projects with efficiency.

Dr. F.U. Baqai

Dr. F.U. Baqai belongs to an illustrious family of Delhi. His forefa­thers migrated from Iran to Delhi during the Mughal rule. Two brothers of the family Baqaullah and Zakaullah rose to eminence in the profession of TIB.The descendants of Hakeem Baqaullah came to be known as Baqais. When Dr. F.U. Baqai was only 5 years old his father Hakeem Nizamuddin died. During the communal mass massacre which preceded the partition of India, Dr. F.U. Baqai's mother migrated from Delhi to Karachi with her 5 sons. It was indeed a trying time for her. Having lost all she had, she took good care of her family. She certainly did a fine job ensuring that each of her sons got higher education with her small earning by dress-making and sewing for APWA. The brave lady breathed her last in 1992. Dr. Baqai had to face a real hard time to continue his education and also maintaining the family doing odd jobs.

Dr. F. U. Baqai was born on 22nd May, 1935 in Delhi and did his MBBS in 1958 from Dow Medical College, Karachi. He got a chance to start his career in opthalmology at Spencer Eye Hospital, but being interested in Surgery and finding “eye”, a small field for him, he moved to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre and got a chance to be attached with a teacher of teachers Col. Saeed Ahmed who strengthened his roots of Surgery and got him sent to England for fellowship in Surgery which he got in 1965. Of course, it was an earning and learning process. He obtained his FRCS from Edinburgh and FICS in 1965. He was elected as a Fellow of the Pakistan College of Physicians and Surgeons (FCPS) in 1993. He served the Pakistan Navy from 1965 to 1969 as Surgeon Commander at Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi during the war in 1971. He was elected Secretary of Pakistan chapter of International College of Surgeons in 1965 and the President of the Chapter in 1993. He hosted the Asia Pacific Congress of ICS in 1985. He was the Secretary and is now the President of Society of Surgeons of Pakistan. He was the Convener of the International Conference of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan held in December, 1993. He has widely travelled, attended a large number of medical conferences and presented papers. He has number of papers to his credit and is at present Chairman of Baqai Foundation and Chairman, Department of Surgery of Baqai Medical College.

In 1969 he established Baqai Hospital at Nazimabad and in 1987 he founded Baqai Medical Complex which now consists of Baqai Medical College, Baqai Dental College, Baqai Institute of Health Sciences, Department of Postgraduate Studies, Department of Hematology, Baqai Institute of Medical Technology, Baqai Institute of Oncology and Institute of Nursing. Dr. F. U. Baqai has also introduced the Community Oriented Medical Education (COME).

With Sheer perseverance, resilience and firm faith in God, he made himself what he is today. He, however, considers his achievements as a gift of God. Dr. F.U.Baqai is looking forward to go ahead with his new ideas and projects, with the zeal and ambition second to none the Shehar-e-Baqa. Situated - 38 km from Hyderabad - a mega city of Health & Education.

Professor Khurshid Ahmad

Professor Khurshid Ahmad is a renowned scholar, economist and Islamic activist. He is the founder chair of the Institute. He has written/edited/translated more than 70 books in English and Urdu, many of which have been translated in other European and oriental languages. He has also contributed profoundly through numerous articles, seminar papers and lectures. His in-depth comparative study of the oriental as well as occidental philosophies in religion, academics, economics, constitutional matters and his commitment to the cause of humanity has led him to be entrusted with key positions in the national as well as international organizations on these socioeconomic and other multidimensional disciplines. He has also been awarded with three honorary degrees of PhD in education, literature and Islamic economics by universities of Malaysia and loughborough, UK. He has also served as Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Statistics in the Government of Pakistan and is long time member of the Senate of Pakistan.

In view of his pioneering work and contributions towards the development of Islamic Economics as an academic discipline, he was awarded the First Islamic Development Bank Award for Economics in 1988. He was awarded King Faisal Prize for service to Islam in 1990. It was in 1998 that he was awarded the prestigious La-Riba Prize in Islamic Finance by American Finance House. Thus, he is the first and only Muslim who has been awarded with the three most prestigious international Islamic prizes.