Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mujahid Barelvi

Mujahid Barelvi is a veteran journalist from Pakistan. He is known for his questioning skills and journalistic integrity. He is well versed in both local and international politics and has traveled extensively worldwide.

Mujahid is a critic by all means with a strong and pro active analytical approach. His candid and obdurate style, keeps his audience enchanted, which is regularly observed in his current, weekly program "Live With Mujahid" for CNBC Pakistan. This show not only connects him with local viewers but provides access to interviewing guests, globally.

Mujahid was the first Pakistani journalist to enter Kabul in 1979, after the Soviet Invasion. He was also the secretary of the Karachi Press Club for two years from 1987. He has authored several articles for political journals and newspapers and six books on Afghanistan and Baluchistan.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nighat Chaudhry

Born in Lahore and brought up in England Nighat has been a dancer from an early age as her skills were vividly visible when she was still a toddler. Later under the tutelage of legendry kathak dancer Naheed Siddque, she got herself groomed to perfection. Besides learning ballet and contemporary dance in London, Nighat also get herself trained in Kathak from the venerated institution of Kathak Kendra in Delhi, from Pandit Durga Lal of the Jaipur gharana. Today she is a force to reckon with, an institution to look forward to. With her newly founded NGO i.e. National Dance Foundations that she aims to preserve the dance heritage of our country. Under her belt two esteemed projects have already set in namely ?Classical Dances of Pakistan (Since Partition)?and ? Mountain Dances of Pakistan?. Best of luck , Nighat !!