Saturday, December 27, 2014

Iftikhar Ahmad

Mr Iftikhar Ahmad, Senior Executive Vice President and Senior Anchorperson at BOL News has pursued the cause of truth and justice with a thoroughness and honesty that is unrivalled in the history of journalism in Pakistan. 

Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad began his career in journalism in 1982 and after working for various publications including Daily Aftab, Daily Pakistan and Weekly Istiqlal, joined Daily Jang as a reporter. Later he did special assignments and political reporting before becoming in-charge of Political page. In 1987 he started the tradition of non-political interviews, giving insight into lives of political and other famous personalities. He was then appointed Editor Jang forums, a print journalism debate forum where he conducted hundreds of debates on national and political issues, including sensitive issues like Private Shariat Bill and Kalabagh Dam. Later he also became Director of Elections, Geo Investigate and Special projects Jang Group. Since then he has covered around six elections, bringing minute to minute coverage of election to the audience.

Over the course of a remarkable career spanning more than thirty-two years, Mr Iftikhar has proved time and again his undying commitment to the pursuit of truth and justice. His decision to join BOL is a mutual honor and a momentous victory for BOL. 

Roohi Haq

Roohi Haq was a primary school teacher and a teacher trainer with considerable experience of school /educational management, before taking up her present role as Director of Studies at Beaconhouse. The 16 years that she has been in this position have given her invaluable experience of implementing key academic initiatives including CPD and curriculum, and also of change management as she watched and experienced the growth of the organisation from a very small family of schools into the multinational that it is today.
Mrs Haq is passionate about education and considers herself a lifelong learner. She loves to study schools and how they can become centres of learning and excellence. She has helped and guided many teachers towards becoming accomplished professionals and believes the best attributes for this are patience and understanding.
She shows no signs of slowing down and is still keenly interested in using her vast experience in teaching and management for the benefit of all educators who uphold the key values namely: a love for learning; willingness to help people to succeed, commitment and honesty.

Mrs Haq has been the driving force behind all the professional development and curriculum research and development programmes that are the hallmarks of success for Beaconhouse as a leading international provider of education.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Naba Mansoor

Naba Mansoor is a Young, Islamabad based Fashion Designer, currently Working through a Co-Owned Brand Name of "DiyaNoor". She is seen making her way through the market saturated contrives with a radical spirit.

Naba lived her early childhood and teenage years in Muscat, Oman.  She did her O levels and A levels from a locally proclaimed school, in affiliation with the University of Cambridge. She Completed her University Degree of BBA (hons.) and later, MBA in Human Resource Management from International Islamic University, Islamabad during the year 2009. 

She came be talked about as a creatively infused mind, where she loved art plays in all aspects of life. Academically, she was not linked to art or fashion. Yet, her entrepreneurial instincts led her to pave the fashion fiesta her mind produced. She ran a leading  ready to-wear clothing brand's franchise in one of the most visited areas of Rawalpindi for around 2 plus years. There she observed the customer likes, market trends and the exploitable gaps to satisfy customers. She now is working as a designer, where she has made a mark in a very short time span. She has worked for some celebrities and is producing vogue of fashion flares. 

Her work has gained potential popularity in a shrunk time period and she now is focusing on overseas Pakistani-wardrobe fashion shows.