Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Safia Mumtaz Ansari

Safia Mumtaz Ansari Branch Manager, Tameer Micro Finance Bank, Liaquatabad Branch, Karachi. Safia graduated in 2005, from Premier College Karachi with a Bachelors in Commerce. Prior to joining Tameer, she was an Assistant Accountant at a welfare medical complex. With few options for growth she felt that she might never be able to achieve her father's dream, which was for her to become a banker.

On her daily commute from work, she noticed the Qazzafi Chowk Branch being established and take a chance and applied.

"The Quaid trusted the youth, and after him Tameer is the first institution that trusted the youth. It is Tameer who encourages us to go ahead and succeed."

After a year in the job, Safia feels that she has learnt from the responsibility, trust and opportunities given to her at Tameer. The culture of working together has enabled her to learn more than ever and earn recognition.

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