Monday, January 2, 2012

Khalid Zafar

He has one of the leading voices in the world of commercials and documentaries both on Television and 35mm cinema screen. He has performed in a number of TV serials, series and long plays as an actor in leading or second lead characters and has earned great applause as well as numerous awards he has been associated as applause as well as numerous awards ha has been associated as broadcaster in Urdu with radio Pakistan for 28 years.

As a journalist; Mr. Khalid Zafar published Pakistan's first video world magazine (weekly video news in English) and monthly video world in Urdu. He was the editor-in-chief and publisher of both these periodicals. He has written, produced and directed commercial and documentaries for Radio, Television and Cinema Screen. With the successful presentation of various TV Serials, Series, Shows and many other programmes, he established himself a competent Director as well.

Two and Half decades of successful running of NIDA Studios proves his capabilities and administrational as well a professional expertise. Now he is concentrating to induct Audio-Visual Professional Training Institute to open new vistas of Modern Communication. Apart from his professional expertise, the human side of hi personality is also quite visible. As per his vision, he is also working on public service by providing job opportunities, encouraging young and upcoming talent, looking for a platform and support through NIDA Professional Institute.

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