Monday, January 16, 2012

Farida Gul Haroon

Farida Gul Haroon is a self taught artist who attended Art College in Lahore, Pakistan.
But the muse that inspired her creativity was the experiences and the tribulations that she witnessed.
Oppression, misery and suppression make the silent tales of the inner world of women.
It is an indelible stain on humanity void of compassion, dehumanizing both the oppressed and the oppressor, and the evidence of it is so offensive to modern sensibilities and sensitivities that we preserve proof of it as lessons for the coming generations.
She tried to put on to canvas what she felt and by not taking the “side road”. She is more interested in the philosophy of life and the struggle of the feminine role. Farida has a unique perception which some refer to as mysticism. This is the spiritual influence that greatly impacts her work.
She paints in different mediums at different times,although she loves gold leaf addition to her work!!!

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