Friday, July 8, 2011

Asif Qadir

Mr. Asif Qadir holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University, New York and has over 30 years of management and marketing experience in the chemical and fertilizer sector.

Mr. Qadir's career began at Exxon Chemical Pakistan Limited in August 1978. At Exxon, he worked in various capacities including as Worldwide Business Advisor for Exxon Chemicals as well as for Esso Chemical Alberta Limited of Canada.

Mr. Qadir went on to join Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited (now Engro Coporation Limited) where he has become one of the key management figures. Currently, Mr. Qadir is the CEO of Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited and is also serving as Senior Vice President of Engro Corporation in addition to serving on the Boards of various subsidiaries and affiliates.

Mr. Asif Qadir is also on the Board of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and in the past, has served as the President of Management Association of Pakistan from 2007 to 2009; and on the Executive Committee of Overseas Investors' Chamber of Commerce & Industry from 2006 to 2009.

The Board of KSE has appointed Mr. Asif Qadir as the Chairman of the Committee for hearing appeals of members and the Committee for handling cases of suspension or expulsion of members and imposition of fines. He is also the member of Audit Committee and Human Resources Committee of KSE Board.

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