Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tabinda Lari

My father Mumtaz Ahmed Lari (late) was employed at State Bank of Pakistan. We used to live in State Bank flats and I studied in State Bank’s school. From very beginning I was involved in extra curricular activities like songs, plays and sports etc and I was quite famous for having a sweet voice in my school. When I was in class 5, one of my father’s colleagues Raees Ahmed who was the son of famous news caster of Radio Mr. Shakeel, took me to radio where I sang a national song in the remaining 3 minutes of currently running program at that time. When the program was ended Mr. Zafar Siddiqui (Bhaijan) asked me to give audition that was a big honor for me. So I started off at radio from children’s program. I kept singing for children’s program at radio till my matriculation. I wrote lots of stories for children’s radio program “Aoo Bachoon Kahani suno” as well. I also took part in different essay competitions and won at different levels. I was too fond of reading books as instigated by my school. I didn’t play with dolls. Wherever I went I always kept a book with me. (Kalpoint)

I wanted to pursue in singing which my father never liked but gradually as the time passed I realized that the kind of respect I got from Naat Khwani, I would never had gotten from singing. After doing intermediate I joined Jang Group as columnist and along with it I started writing for many other publications as well. My education and journalism was going side by side. It was Marshal Law in place at that time and I wasn’t aware of the danger that might occur due to my writing as I was new to the newspaper. I kept writing freely that gave me a perception of being a daring lady who wasn’t afraid of anyone. I worked at Jang from 1977 to 1996. After doing my Masters I came in to marketing as I am the one who has studied journalism very carefully and has implemented as well. Since I had studied marketing and advertising in my Masters I joined a cosmetics company as its advertising manager. Once you are an established journalist you can carry on while excelling in other areas as well so I did the same. I used to be in office from 9 to 5 and for 2 hours in the evening I used to go to newspaper to pursue my interest of journalism.

I left writing for some times during the shifting of my job at different companies and at the demise of my father. Now I am working at a food company as its corporate head having more than 20 years of marketing & advertising experience. I have kept myself abreast with all the latest developments and changes in marketing domain so I have a clear view of all marketing trends of today and yesteryears. Currently I am also the executive editor of a magazine. What ever I wanted to do I did it with the support of my parents & my brothers and after marriage I am blessed to have such a husband who has always been by my side.

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