Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aftab Tapal

Mr. Aftab Tapal, owner and CEO of  Tapal Tea (Private) Ltd., a third generation tea blending and marketing entrepreneur, is a graduate from USA. He has a degree in Marketing with Associates in Applied Science. He joined his family business in 1977. His first professional exposure to the world of tea trading and blending was in 1979 when he was sent to Sri Lanka to spend time with M/s. Hebtulabhoy & Company.
Upon his return from Sri Lanka, he started to pursuer his vision of developing a professional organization capable of marketing his blends. He successfully started building brands such as Family Mixture, Danedar, Mezban, Chenak, etc. under the corporate banner of Tapal.In order to provide consistent quality which is his commitment to this consumers, he brought to his organization the discipline of ISO 9001/200. With such focused objectives and honesty in business dealings, Mr. Aftab Tapal has been able to successfully compete against the multinational companies and has captured more than 35% of the market share of the organized market sector of Pakistan and is one of the top of the Top 100 tax paying companies of Pakistan and one of the Top 5 FMCG companies of Pakistan.
His steady successes in the business world of Pakistan has won him the prestigious award of the Executive Excellence in 1999 from the Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences, the Export Excellence Award of Sri Lanka 2003 in the tea company for highest importer of any indigenous commodity, the Excellence award 2003 by 21st Century Business & Economics Club for his renowned personality in the field of marketing, and the Award of Excellence 2004 from Marketing Association of Pakistan for outstanding performance in the field of Marketing and Management, and for making a significant difference in his organization’s standing in the corporate sector.

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