Saturday, November 27, 2010

Syed Azfar Rizvi

I was born in Dhaka on 27 December 1957. I got my basic education from Azeempur English Medium School in Dhaka. I did my matriculation in first division from New Government School, the only Urdu Medium School of Dhaka from where lots of prominent personalities have studied. Then I got admission in Dhaka College but due to the severance of East Pakistan I couldn’t continue my studies there and migrated to Karachi through ICRC (International Committee of Red Cross).

I am thankful to Prof. Hasnain Kazmi and Prof. Imtiaz Hussain for helping me in acquiring education here. I then did my intermediate science in second division from Karachi. It was a very hard time and earn a living was too difficult alongside getting education. So in 1974 I started imparting door-to-door tuitions to resolve my financial problems. We were 6 brothers and 4 sisters with parents. They all were dependent on me. Besides bearing my education expenses I also had to look after all of them. In 1976 I got admission in Geology Dept. in University but later ended up doing Chemistry. From 1974 to 1982 I struggled aggressively and during the same period I got two of my sisters married and kept looking after my family as well as my education. Later we started offering group tuitions to the students.

Mr. Jamiluddin Aali was in National Bank of Pakistan at that time and helped us get the money granted for students of East Pakistan as “Qarz-e-Hasna”. Those few thousand rupees turned out to be a treasure for me. Dr. Peerzada Qasim was the kind man who awarded me with scholarship for the whole period in Karachi University. I can never forget the favors by these respected personalities and will always be grateful.

The group tuition endeavor ended up as a school. When we started the school there were only 2 students but let me tell you that after 25 years more than 55 thousands students have studied from our chain of schools. We had started with the name Dhaka Coaching Centre and now it has become Dhaka Group of Educational Institutions. We have O level and Matriculation system schools, coaching centers & intermediate colleges, which we are going to make degree-awarding institute next year. The current annual turnover of our group is 5 thousands students per year now Alhamdulillah.

When I had arrived in Karachi after migration I had only 10 rupees in my pocket but by the Grace of Allah now the total amount I offer as scholarships to students is more than 15 lac per year

I am happily married and have 6 kids. My wife Mrs. Syeda Hasina Rizvi also helped a lot in my activities, a working lady who is presently the Co-Chairperson of Dhaka Group of Educational Institutes. When we got married my wife was just matriculate but after marriage she did intermediate, graduation and masters, all as a regular student. At this stage I must submit my feelings and sentiments, which I have gathered during my marital association with her. In Fact she has left a deep impression of her amazing character upon glory and success. I thank her for the support she extended to me when I needed it most. I can rightly say that she is a lady of iron will. She never gave in to the odds. Her unflinching support and wisdom always guided me to resolve my problems of life. She has a loving heart and generous bent of mind. I pray for her health and long life.

Later, I got a chance to obtain diploma in education from UK and plenty of other diplomas, workshops and seminars came along.

Anjuman Tarraqi-e-Urdu offered me life membership and last year I was also made the member of syndicate of Federal Urdu University. We have also made an Art association by the name of Daira-e-Adab u Saqafat International. For the last 5 years, this association has made its name in the society under which we arrange different gatherings and seminars every month for the promotion of Urdu Adab. On social front, I have been an active member of life club international of which I was the District Cabinet Secretary last year.

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