Tuesday, November 23, 2010

S. A Alavi

S. A Alavi is the man of high spirit and superb motive. When he was 20-year-old, was doing a small time job at a sugar mill in East Pakistan, he had a severe toothache, which worsened to such a degree that he asked God to take away his life if it can not be cured. He tried different medicines and prescriptions from dentists but to no avail. Finally his prayer was answered. One day he came across a dentist who claimed to cure toothache with help of his own medicinal powder he called Dentonic.
In 1958, Alavi moved to Karachi along with a product conceived and named by someone else. He first made Dentonic for himself, family and friends. Soon, every one was asking for it. That is when he realized it could be marketed. Gifted with entrepreneurial spirit, he started doing odd jobs to save money for his product, which went on to become a household name in the next couple of years. In March 1963, he started making and marketing Dentonic from a two-room factory and now the Dentonic is a compulsory product for every house.

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