Friday, November 19, 2010

Akram Chowdry

Dr. Chowdry is General Partner of Hi-Tech Venture Capital Fund located in Silicon Valley in California. After getting his doctorate from UC Berkeley he was a professor of business at San Jose State University, California. He started a computer manufacturing company (Prime Circuit Technology in 1985. At that time, he was the first and only Pakistani who was founder, CEO of such an enterprise in Silicon Valley. Later, he acquired Mylex Computer Corporation, a product company. He remained the CEO and Chairman of Mylex for almost 10 years. Mylex was publicly traded company (NASDAQ). In 1998 Mylex was acquired by IBM for over $500 million, with its revenues over $250,000,000. In 1991, US NEWS & World Report conducted a survey of thousands of small public companies in USA. Among 7,430 public companies in USA, Mylex was ranked # 1 in overall performance and stock appreciation. 
He is a charter member of TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) and of OPEN. In the past, he volunteered to teach entrepreneurship and venture capital at LUMS and at NUST, Pakistan, TISBI in Kazan, Russia, KIMEP in Almaty, Malaysia Telekom and Kuwait Finance house in Bahrain. He made presentations at OIC conferences in Malaysia and Pakistan. Dr. Chowdry has been designated as member of the Advisory Board of University of California Berkeley. He has been recently selected by the Department of Commerce, USA, as lead member for the funding of start-ups and SMEs in Pakistan.

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