Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sara Suleri

Sara Suleri Goodyear, the author of 'Meatless Days' and 'The Rhetoric of English India' was born in Pakistan. She obtained her B.A. ( Honours) degree from Kinnaird College, Lahore and an Masters of Arts degree in English from Punjab University, Lahore. In the year 1983, she completed her Ph.D. from Indiana University. Since then she has been teaching English at Yale University. At Yale Suleri started the Yale Journal of Criticism and is responsible for editing the same.

Her first literary work -'Meatless Days' depicts her childhood life whereas her second book -'The Rhetoric of English India' deals with representation of India in the British Empire from Edmund Burke to post-colonial times. In 'The Rhetoric of English India'Suleri reconstructs a diverse Anglo-India narrative in which English and Indian idioms inevitably collude. According to Jane Marcus, CUNY Graduate Center and the City University of New York, " This is the most brilliant contribution to postcolonial criticism since Edward Said's Orientalism. Sara Suleri has written a masterpiece of calm, well-thought-out, cogent, and inspiring analysis."

Her special literary interests include postcolonial literatures and theory, contemporary cultural criticism, literature and law. Her field of study encompasses19th- and 20th-century English literature, Postcolonial literatures, cultural criticism, and Urdu poetry.

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