Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rasul Bux Palijo

Rasul Bux Palijo is a unique social scientist and a remarkable politician of South Asia whose work must be gauged by the extent to which his predictions are verified by history. In every nation some names stand out as the pioneers of uprisings, revolutions and movements and Rasul Bux Palijo is the most outstanding and exceptional thinker and leader of the twentieth century Sindh and Pakistan. 
Like all great intellectuals, scholars and leaders Palijo has been at times misunderstood, misinterpreted and misjudged not only by his die hard adversaries, but by his admirers as well. Palijo, one of the great original thinker of Sindh, is known as the Quid-e-Inqilab (Leader of Revolution) because of the radical nationalist pursuits with which he has been challenging the rigid mindset of the dictators of his times and because only a powerfully original mind can emancipate itself as completely as Palijo's did from the tyranny of accepted but already obsolescent ideas of south Asian Politics

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  1. Mr Rasool Bux Palijo sahb is a great asian political scholar, historian, and revolutionary leader, and he is leading Awami Tahreek a great democratic, revolutionay, and scientific organization in asia,
    he fought against anti-people, and anti-democratic forces, he is fighting against fuedal lords, capitalis,
    he promoted women in politics like Sindhyani Tahreek (ST), SGST(Sindhi Girls Student Tahreek),
    he play big role in education, litarally and politically in sindhi educational institutions,
    he fought for people of pakistan and asia, for their right he also an internationalis