Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sabina Pasha

Sabina Pasha is a new face in Pakistan showbiz industry. She was born and raised in Islamabad. The family of Sabina Pasha is very cooperative that is why she didn’t face any difficulty to become a model. She said in her interview that the main reason behind her success was her family.
Sabina Pasha makes her place in very short time span. Due to her gorgeous looks and stunning smile she make a huge fan following. Sabina pasha is tall and she had a fair complexion. These two are key points for setting the values of beauty in modeling. She is the face of popular brands of Pakistan like fair and lovely. She appeared in TV commercials of different brands like “Tarang”, “Every day”.
Sabina Pasha also on the ramp for different fashion shows like, “Alkaram Lawn”, “Allenora”, “Giorgio Armani”, “HSY'”. She won various fashion awards for her great performance.

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