Friday, July 8, 2011

Bakhtiar Wain

Bakhtiar Wain is the Chief Executive Officer of Avanceon Limited since he joined the company in 1989 and a General Manager of Engro Corporation Limited. The same year, he set up a very successful business of providing turnkey automation, instrumentation & engineering solutions to the local industry. After the acquisition of majority shares by Engro in 2003, he was unanimously re- appointed as Chief Executive Officer by the Board of Directors.

Mr. Wain also serves on the Board of Innovative Private Limited.

Mr. Wain has previously worked for leading companies such as Exxon Chemical, Fauji Fertilizer and ICI. Within 3 years of his appointment as Chief Executive Officer, he spearheaded the company towards market leadership in Pakistan. The company subsequently grew internationally by setting up a very successful operation in UAE and acquiring a leading automation company in Pennsylvania, USA.

Mr. Wain holds a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan. He has three daughters.

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