Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sultan Ali Lakhani

Sultan Ali Lakhani is one of the richest people in Pakistan. He has a B.A degree in Economics from Karachi University. Sultan Ali currently holds the following positions:
Joint owner the Lakson Group
CEO of Century Publications (Pvt. Ltd.), Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Express & Express News Channel (Pvt. Ltd.)
Honorary Consul General of Mexico in Pakistan
Member, Senate (Upper House) of Pakistan from 1987 to 1994
Advisor to the Century Insurance Company Limited.
Sultan Ali caused controversy in 2006 when a legal notice was served against him. Allegations accused his newspaper of printed false stories regarding the televising of a Sports Cup.
Sultan Ali Lakhani was questioned by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in Spring 2000 regarding alleged charges which include: underwriting bonds to a member of Pakistan's political dynasty, evasion of excise duty, concealment of foreign property and Merchant banking in domiciled offshore institutions to avoid paying tax. (wikipedia)

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