Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cyma Ashraf

Cyma has almost seven years extensive experience in planning, managing and facilitating different projects and initiatives with development sector. Designed and conducted more than 100 trainings (maximum of ten days)with various groups which include Project Managers, Community workers, Project Field Workers, Parents, Teachers, Police Officials, Government Officials, on different issues which include, Self -awareness, Behavior Change and Communication (BCC), Life trauma and psychosocial rehabilitation, Physical Abuse and Positive Disciplining, Gender, Violence against Women(VAW), Child Protection specifically Child Sexual Abuse and commercial sexual exploitation( CSA/CSEC) and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights issues(SRHR), HIV/AIDS, facilitation skills, counseling skills and stress management.

She is currently working as Programme Manager SRHR education with WPF Pakistan aiming to improve the quality of life of people working in Pakistan by promoting their sexual and reproductive health, creating awareness of the importance of SRHR and sustainable development through capacity building initiatives, awareness raising activities and advocacy.

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