Monday, December 6, 2010

Noshi Gillani

Noshi Gillani is a poetess who born in Pakistan on 1964 in Bahawalpur, South Punjab but lives in United States. She is one of the Urdu leading poets in Pakistan. She has successfully published five collections of poetry. Her poetry collection published in Pakistan Includes:

Mohabatain Jab Sumar Kurna (When you count affections, 1993)
Udas Honay Kay Din Naheen (These are not the days of sadeness, 1997)
Pehla Lafz Mohabat Likha (The first word of love, 2003)
Selected poems like Ay Meeray Shareek-E-Risal-E-Jaan, Hum Tera Intezaar Kurtey Rahey (O my beloved, I kept waiting for you, 2008).
In 2008 her poems were read in U.K after translation at Poetry Translation Centre’s World Poets Tour. She presented her tribute to well known folk singer Pathanay Khan, sponsored by Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA).

She got married with another poet Saeed khan on October 25, 2008. Her mother Mrs. Sarwer Gillani was a professor of literature, Urdu and Persian languages. She is a member of younger generation of female poets. Her experience of living in US shows a notable impact on her significant number of poems. Living through Diaspora has increased the complexity of her poems and reinforced her sense of female identity and introduced a new revolution against restraint creative writers in Pakistani society. These ideas became the base of her poems like

This prisoner breathes
To catch butterflies…
The breeze rewrites
Can someone bring me my entire being
I say nothing anywhere
The flower is torn at the heart
Noshi Gillani is most renowned Urdu poetess of eighties and eager with great creative dynamism. Her publications earn virtue of popularity because readers like her mushaira and nazams.

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