Monday, December 20, 2010

Fauzia Shamshad

Fauzia Shamshad CEO at Media Axis, started her career at the age of 17 years as a Medical rep for Wyeth lab, Pakistan for RawalPindi /Islamabad. Later got the opportunity to work as a Media Executive for a leading advertising agency of UAE. A business school graduate , experience includes at national and international level marketing of print and electronic media , head of Dept in Data communication company. Life took turns and Fauzia landed the position of Account Director at the prestigious firm, Manhattan Leo Burnett where she made landmark qualitative contributions through her exposure and diverse knowledge
Made affiliation with Starcom and set up the operation and headed the company for 3 years.
Set up Media Axis and built repute as an upcoming professional outfit by getting on board clients MNC's and Local Clients.
Pioneer in Pakistan of initiating and setting up Media Planning and Buying concept making use of media optimizing tools and research focused planning.

 She gained experience overtime in Marketing Sales, Customer Services, Media. Setting up operations from scratch for Customer Services, Client relations, PR and setting up new operations has become her forte. Her insight and experience makes her an amazing leader and she leads by example and influences her entire team to work with dedication and honesty.
Her firm belief in empowering employees and encouraging them to take mature decisions ripples a positive effect through the entire organization.

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