Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aneel Chaudhry

My real name is Muhammad Hadees Chaudhry. I was born in 1952. I belong to a rural family and still most of our family members live in the village and are associated with the profession of farming. We migrated from East Punjab, district Hushyar Pur, India to Pakistan in 1947. We had a big piece of land which was very productive but when we came to Lahore, we were given almost the same size of the land about 36 kilometers away from Lahore (Union Council Sultankay), but it was not equally productive. As, our family needed some other sources of income, my father decided to move to city.

My father first started carrying horse-cart. He used to earn ’25 cents‘ daily. He had a sister and an elder brother and he was not married. From the beginning of his earning life, he was very cautious. He used to spend only one part of his earning daily to meet his personal needs and keep the remaining 3 parts saved. At the end of each month, he used to visit his brothers and sisters and hand over the savings to them.

Afterwards, he got married and I was born but since my father had a different vision and he wanted to live in a city so he decided to move to Karachi. I must share this; in those times he needed 3 Rupees to bear the shifting expenses. After 3 months, a gentleman gave my father Rs. 3 and we finally moved here.

My father used to remember the gentleman in very good words always. When moved to Karachi, he started selling bakery items like biscuits, cakes etc., on his cycle. Although, my father was an illiterate person but he made us get education from an English medium school. He always traveled on cycle but he provided us with car. He would even go to attend weddings on his cycle. He was a straightforward man.

During the times of Ayub Khan, Pakistan was facing severe sugar crises. At that time, my father was the President to Karachi Bakers Association. Once, he was called by the President for meeting regarding the issue and he went to meet president on his cycle.

During my college days, I started playing cricket. I played first class cricket for Karachi Whites.

Coming into acting was by chance not by choice. I used to study in City College where Fareed Khan, Shehzad Raza, Ghulam Mohiuddin etc. were my fellows and close friends too. Their companionship developed my association with radio, TV producers, directors etc. Somehow, I started taking interest in acting and for this the greatest source of inspiration was the legendary actor Mr. Muhammad Ali.

As regards my family, I have 3 children; 2 sons and a daughter. My sister also lives with me and has a son. Also, my younger brother is living with me. My younger son, Art-taghral Chauhadry is playing cricket and knocking the door of first class cricket. However, none of my children is interested in acting or showbiz but I never force them for anything. They can choose any field of their interest, while the elder one Az-zaghal Chauhadry is currently working for a private organization TCS and my daughter, Wijdan Chauhadry is engaged in social services and activities through different projects and ideas.(Kalpoint)

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