Saturday, August 14, 2010

Imran Khan

Imran was born on 25 November 1952 in Lahore, Pakistan. He grew up in Zaman Park where cricket was a great part of his family life, his cousins Javed Burki and Majid Khan later captained Pakistan.
His star status was established during the 1980's and crowds mobbed him wherever he went. Imran was declared the international cricketer of the year in
Imran's desire was to be recognised as the best all rounder in Pakistan and eventually as the best all rounder in the world, which he successfully managed to achieve. In his peak, he was considered the fastest bowler in the world.
After retiring from cricket, he built Pakistans first Cancer hospital, and later went on to marry Jemima Goldsmith.
The wedding put Imran in the spotlight, and people who had not heard of him found themselves acquainted with him.
He went into politics after the opening of his hospital. Imran founded the Tehreek-e-Insaf or Justice and Peace Party. He is an avid campaigner of human rights and other just causes.
He is regarded as a hero among the youngsters of Pakistan and is well known throughout the world.

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