Friday, August 6, 2010

Fauzia Minallah

Fauzia Minallah is a pukhtun artist who has very deep and strong emotions about all that goes on in our world. She asks lots of questions about why there can not be peace in the world and what is the legacy that we choose to leave for our children. She tackles and portrays her deep felt emotions through painting, carving and hand built clay sculpture.

Painting since the age of 12, when she was a student of S.S Hyder, (an eminent artist of Peshawar), she thinks of her art as windows to her soul, that reflect her sorrow, joy, anxiety and happiness she feels as a mother and a caring human being.

We first witnessed her artistic skill and wit during the Zia-ul-Haq regime, when The Muslim published her playful and subversive cartoons. According to Fauzia her artistic journey has been very unconventional and very slow. Her parents had recognized the artist in her when she was still very young, but it was much later in life that she learned to enjoy and cherish the joy of being an artist.

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